Samba Futebol Club

Samba Futebol Club

Under 7

These kids will learn the technical aspect of the game that includes passing and receiving, striking and shooting; small group tactics of attacking and defending; ball mastery and manipulation, soccer skills and turns like the samba, shibobo and tsamaya; learning to learn elements of discipline, focus and fun while improving their coordination and balance. They will play matches/tournaments once a month. They might be invited to play in the local football association league games towards the end of the season to prepare them for league participation the next year.

Under 9

These kids play in the 7-a-side league. They will continue their development by learning to perform their skills under increased pressure with regular games being played on a weekly basis. These kids are still having fun and less focus is placed on the result but more on the team and individual play.

Under 11

These kids will be registered for the 9-a-side league. They will continue their development by learning to perform specific skills under increased pressure, timing to team tactics, becoming the student of the game by watching older and professional games, reading and training at a higher level to develop strength and core stability.

Under 13

This is the start of the 11-a-side league full field participation.

Technical and Tactical - Large sided tactics, Developing style of play, Focus on speed and accuracy, Position specific

Psychological - Respect for the coach and the game, Winning Mentality

Athletic Development - Improve Power and Injury Prevention

Under 15

Technical and Tactical - showcasing teams and players playing the game)

Psychological - Excelling under pressure

Athletic Development - Strength, Speed, Power and Conditioning

Our Motto: Joga Bonito

Joga Bonito

Refers to a style of football game play,

Promoting fair and creative play as well as honestly and team spirit,

Showing the true and beautiful side of football by having a motto of

“Play from the heart”