What We Do


Sporting Academy

Samba Sports academies are a place wherein children improve their skills in a particular sport. It helps in building their potential helping them to be a professional athlete someday. Samba Sport is focused mainly in popular team sports for increased participation and reach. Training is provided for primary school going youth from ages 5 to 14 (Grade R to 7).

The Samba Sport Academy fee structure is based on an annual registration plus subscription per age group for each player in each sporting codes. The agreement is on an annual basis and every player is required to register every year with current players offered the opportunity to register early for the next year.

Samba Sport reserves the right to hold trials for available spots in the academy as determined by the coaching panel to preserve the quality of the coaching curriculum to limit class sizes.

Team Training

Samba Sport Academy sessions are organised on an age group basis determined by the national sporting code guidelines for each sport. Children will be trained in groups and tested periodically on their skills and fitness levels appropriate for the age group. Private Sessions might be recommended for children who started later than their peers or performed below average for a continuous period as determined by the coaching staff.

Private Training Sessions

Private Sessions will be provided for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 children within the same age group and discipline. These will be offered through the academy and can be facilitated at a venue deemed to be appropriate for the curriculum by the academy staff. These sessions will be charged per session that might vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes per session agreed up front. Up to four members are allowed to share a session to reduce costs and increase benefits of group training.


Local League Affiliation

“The best teacher of the game is the game itself”, so goes the famous saying. Samba Sport will register a club for each sport in the Local Football Association to provide consistent competition to qualifying players registered with the club.


The Academy will participate in a number of tournaments to provide competition to younger players who might not yet qualify for the local association leagues or those who might join during the year and outside the leagues registration windows.

Holiday Camps

Samba Sport, through its national and international network, will host holiday programs to offer clinics for both players and coaches within the academy and in the greater local community. These will provide opportunities for those currently involved in the sport to improve their skills or those new to the sport to acquire new skills and experience a samba sport session.


Samba Sport will organise national and internal tours to compete with peers from other communities, nationalities and walks of life. This program provides a great cultural exchange for pupils, coaches and parents alike.